Executive Summary

LIT stands for Lunadorii Institute of TEA , it also represents our philosophy and commitment to LIT up your day, everyday!

Who We Are:

LIT is a subsidiary company from lunadorii, the largest omni retail cosmetic brand that operates nationwide in Indonesia. Offering a unique experience to consumers

LIT aims to become the largest beauty healthy drinks company in Indonesia

What We Offer:

1. First in the market, ZERO and low calories organic healthy tea and collagen beauty beverages.
2. First, unique tea brewing technique, using 20,000 rpm speed water jet to bring out the nutrients from organic tea leaves. A presentation and “cinematic show” to customers.
3. Good quality collagen from Japan and tea from Taiwan plus guaranteed great tastes from in-house research & development team

4. A refereshing change from the crowded boba and coffee market
5. Affordable price starts from 9k, average price 24k that caters to large market.
6. Beautiful store design that catches the attention of customers with instagrammable “lighted” presentation pick-up area for customers
7. Sweet instagrammable packaging and special seasonal packaging

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Why Choose Us:

1. Expert in F&B business with over 10 years of experience plus Expert in social media marketing.
2. Strong growing company, group with Lunadorii, an expert in beauty business.
3. Continual improvement. In-house research & development team with the ability to quickly create and sell evolving new exciting healthy beauty menu that will continue to grow with changing market needs
4. Targeted Niche but growing healthy beauty market. We are the first and only one that offers quality, tasty, beauty, healthy drinks at affordable price with constant seasonal promotions to keep the buzz going and the traffic coming.

5. Quality beautiful products that are endorse-friendly, popular with many beauty selebgrams.

6. Finally, we will surely ADD VALUE to your property from our truly unique selling point, offering a unique product, experience and lifestyle to your customers

Our Beautiful Customers:

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